January 4, 2014


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Admission requirements based on a mature student

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Experience the Laurentian School of Architecture (LAL)
If you want to be bold and creative, join us at LAL! Study with our new faculty who have come to Sudbury from Waterloo, Carleton, Ryerson, University of Calgary, McGill, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Dalhousie. Participate in an innovative co-op program where you will work in diverse industries and travel to do paid internships all over the globe. Build a portfolio of exciting and innovative design-build projects where you will train your hands as well as your imagination. Learn from Elders at the School of Architecture, and begin the process of life-long learning in a tri-cultural program that is unique in all of Canada! Join us in working with northern communities and help shape your own community upon graduation. LAL’s new architecture buildings – completed in 2013 and 2015 – will be our finest design tools, and you will get to visit and study the newest building under construction as a student in the architecture program. Hands-on learning at its best! Don’t miss the opportunity to be a student in Canada’s first brand new architecture curriculum in over 40 years.


Architecture is essential to the overall design of the built environment and the study of architecture raises awareness of the holistic and aesthetic nature of design culture. Laurentian’s new School of Architecture (LAL), located at the crossroads of the city of Sudbury in the downtown core, was launched in 2013 and it remains Canada’s newest architecture program! Faculty, staff, and students have come to work and study at the School of Architecture from all across Canada and abroad. True to our tri-cultural vision of educating Francophone, Anglophone and FNMI students in a culturally diverse setting, architecture students take electives on the main LU campus, while design studio and other mandatory architecture courses are held in the downtown at the newly renovated LAL site. The Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) undergraduate program focuses on design, culture, technology and  professional practice. Our architecture program highlights design and culture for the North – particularly northern Ontario – with an emphasis in developing expertise in wood. Design Studio courses challenge students’ creativity through the application of practical building solutions for our northern climate, taking into account cultural sensitivities, diverse histories and community profiles. Unique aspects of the program include Design-Build and Community-Design projects that will expose students to real community issues and hands-on building experience. LAL Students will develop an appreciation for the integration of indigenous and natural materials in building and site design, as well as an understanding of the importance of collaboration and interaction with other students, faculty, and community groups. Strongly based on a cooperative education model, the first work-term in the architecture program will take place in industry and related fields, while the second work-term will be in an architectural firm locally, nationally, or internationally.


Unique features of the program:

• Extensive practical applications through Design Studio;

• Ongoing Design-Build and Community-Design projects;

• Design studio, electives and work-term experienced offered in French;

• 26 week (two x 13 weeks) paid co-op internship experience;

• Inclusion of individual cultural backgrounds, including Ontario Francophone, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit course content;

• Access to Elders-in-residence

• Unique tri-cultural architecture curriculum where you will experience the spectacular northern Ontario landscape;

• A new facility comprised of 4 buildings forming a courtyard that will offer unique teaching opportunities regarding building performance and sustainability;

• Projects will include building ice-fishing huts and making birch bark canoes in first and second year;

• Enrolment is limited to 70 students per year.


Relevant study opportunities:
Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) at Laurentian, or a related specialization in design (B.Des.), environmental studies (BES), or architectural sciences (B.Sc.Arch.) at another university.


Prospective careers:
Primarily geared to graduate studies towards the professional program in Architecture (M.Arch), employment prospects for BAS graduates are numerous in the field of design including: urban planning and community development, ecology, sustainability and industrial design.



Architecture (BAS)
Architecture (B.E.A.)

Program language: English (Studio courses, electives and co-op are available in French)

Campus: Sudbury and LAL (downtown)

Length: 4 years

Delivery method: Classroom and Studio

Limited enrolment: 70


Admission requirements based on grade 12 4U/M courses:

• 1 English or 1 Français

• 2 maths or mathématiques

• 3 other courses (in arts or science)

• minimum average of 75 %

• 1 to 2 page statement of interest*

• 2 letters of reference**

• 1 portfolio (see portfolio webinar and guidelines)***

• Admission selection is based upon overall submission criteria, and not solely on grade averages.

• Design Studio instruction and reviews, electives and co-op work term placements will be available in French. Assignments can be submitted in either English or French.


* Students will elaborate on their interest in architecture as well as their choice of Laurentian University.

**Where possible, at least one from a current teacher

***Portfolio must demonstrate creative work, either in digital or hard-copy format. Guidelines for preparing the portfolio as well as a portfolio webinar are found at: laurentian.ca/architecture.


First year courses:
ARCH 1006 – Design Thinking

ARCH 0100 – Co-operative Term 1

ARCH 1007 – History 1: Sacred Geography

ARCH 1505 EL/FL – Design Studio 1: Place

ARCH 1515 EL/FL – Design Studio 2: Place II

+ electives (12 credits) in humanities, social sciences, or sciences.


Second year courses:
ARCH 0100 – Co-operative Term 1B

ARCH 2006 – Climate Change

ARCH 2016 – Structures 1: Wood

ARCH 2026 – Architecture and Ecology

ARCH 2036 – Canadian Art and Architecture

ARCH 2505 EL/FL – Design Studio 3: Landscape

ARCH 2515 EL/FL – Design Studio 4: Landscape II

+ electives (6 credits) in humanities, social sciences, or sciences.