April 25, 2014


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Is the architecture program accredited in Canada?

As a new program, LaurentianArchitectureLaurentienne (LAL) is not accredited.   The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) grants candidacy status to new programs that have developed viable plans for achieving initial accreditation. Candidacy status indicates that a programme should be accredited within six years of achieving candidacy, if its plan is properly implemented.  LAL is intending to apply for CACB initial candidacy status.


When is the first class?

The first class begins September 2013.


What are the unique aspects of the program?          

Check out the Program page of our website HERE, for details about what makes LAL’s program unique in Canada.


Where is Sudbury and how do I get there?

Sudbury, or, Greater Sudbury, is in Northern Ontario.  It’s a 4 hour drive north of Toronto or a 45 minute flight.  HERE is a link to google maps. 


Where can I find more information about the City and the School?

City of Greater Sudbury

Sudbury Tourism

Downtown Sudbury

Laurentian University

Laurentian Architecture


Additional information about the school can be found by further exploring this website or by contacting the Liaison office at Laurentian University ONLINE or the Laurentian Architecture Project Office at 1 (705) 586-3360.



How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted starting in the late fall of 2012.  Much like other universities in Ontario, applications will be submitted to the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC).  More information can be found at http://www.ouac.on.ca/.


What are admission requirements?

Admission requirements can be found HERE.


When are applications being accepted?  Where?

Important dates regarding applications can be found on the OUAC website (http://www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/101-dates/), which also outlines where to apply.


How many applications are you accepting for the first class?

The number of applications is not limited.  We will be looking to fill 70 spots for the first class. 


I don’t have a 75% average from high school.  Can I still apply?

Absolutely.  Admission selection is based upon overall submission criteria, and not solely on grade averages.  Further details can be found at http://laurentianarchitecture.ca/page.cfm/program.


What is the most important part of my application package?

It is important to treat all aspects of your application package as important.  Each element will demonstrate different things about you to the evaluators.  Do make sure that your ‘Statement of Intent’ is personal and informative.


What is the application process for a mature student?

Information regarding the application process for mature students can be found HERE and at the Laurentian University website HERE.  Mature students will be required to submit letters of reference and a portfolio.  Refer to the University website for details regarding transcript requirements.


Can I transfer college and/or university credits?

The transfer of university credits will be treated on an individual basis.  Visit the University’s admissions page HERE or see page 64 of the Laurentian Viewbook for further details.


Do I have to complete the undergraduate program at LAL in order to enter the graduate program there?

An undergraduate degree from a Canadian School of Architecture in design will be necessary to apply to the Masters program.  The completion of a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) at Laurentian will provide for a smoother application process into the University’s Master of Architecture (March) program.  This is due in part to the CACB’s accreditation requirements, which outlines specific academic requirements that each Canadian school of architecture has to fullfil.  Because of the number and the importance of these requirements, they’re often spread over the entire 6-year program (or a 3.5 year graduate program in some cases).  An additional challenge is that each school addresses the requirements in different forms and in different orders.  This makes transferring between programs a challenge, though not insurmountable.  Each case would be reviewed on an individual basis. Contact the LAL Project office for further details.




How long is the program?

The program will take 6-years to complete.  That’s a 4-year undergraduate degree (BAS) plus a 2-year graduate degree (March).


What is the program being offered?  Will it allow me to become an architect?

The programs being offered are a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture.  The undergraduate BAS is not a professional degree and does not lead directly to licensure.


Can I complete the program in French?

Laurentian Architecture is offering the availability of Design Studio instruction and reviews, electives and co-op work-term placements in French.  Also, assignments can be submitted in either English or French.


Are there distance learning courses?

At this time there are no core architectural courses available though distance learning.


Are there any summer programs available?

As the program evolves it is likely that summer programs will be developed.


Do I need construction experience before first year?

No.  Construction experience is not necessary.  There are a number of skills and abilities that would help in the beginnings of an architectural education and construction is one of them but is certainly not mandatory.  However, applicants should not suffer from Ergalilektriphobia (a fear of power tools) due to the design-build nature of the program.



When will construction of the new facilities be completed?

The first phase of the facility will be completed in time for the first class in September 2013.  The building in its entirety will be completed two years later for the start of the September 2015 term.


What will the learning environment be like for the first class?

For the first two years, the school will be operating out of the renovated Market building which will house the studio and classroom space.  Auxiliary spaces, such as a student lounge, will be housed temporarily in the same building that is currently home to the project office, St. Andrew’s Place.  The two buildings are within a 5 minute walk of one another and all effort is being made to insure the first two years are as comfortable and streamlined as possible.  Electives and other student services will be on the Laurentian campus, which is a 20 minute bus journey from the downtown core.


What is interesting about this temporary set up is that students will be able to watch and learn for the nearby construction of their school.


What will the completed facilities look like?

The most current information about the design process can be found HERE

Where is the school in relation to the main campus?

The downtown location is 7 km from the main campus.  This translates to a 20 minute city bus ride, a 13 minute car ride or a 30 minute bicycle ride.


Will any of the architectural courses be held away from the main campus?

The core courses for architecture will be held within the downtown facility.  Electives will be offered on the main campus.


What are the support services offered in the downtown site?

The School will have access to all the University student services and will have an elder-in-residence.


Will there be a residence downtown?

Currently there are no plans for a University residence in the downtown.  Laurentian does however, guarantee all first year students a place in their main campus residences, should students choose to do so. 


The University is working closely with local developers and realtors to inform them as to what students will be looking for in terms of housing. More information about current and future housing at LU can be found HERE (LU HOUSING WEB).



Is co-op mandatory?

Yes.  It has been woven into the curriculum in order to give students a well round architectural education that provides work experience not only in architectural firms but also in northern industries. 

Where will co-ops take place?

Co-ops will take place in industry in Northern Ontario and in architectural offices locally, nationally and internationally. 


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